Monday, April 24, 2006

Can Someone Explain This to Me? Part II

So awhile ago I posted a comment about the infamous Danish cartoons and got a few comments from a certain individual. Now in setting up this blog I chose to have control over what comments get published (it is my space technically).
This individual was of the mindset that both cartoons that I selected were fine I responded to his first comment and he sent another one I didn't publish the last of his comments then but here it is now:

"no, i'm saying that's it's perfectly fine to mock both.

both should be published and circulated freely.. freedom of speech, no?

ps. i do understand the teachings of jesus, believe me, i spent years studying them."

I like freedom of speech it allows this public debate I am not denying him the freedom to speak his mind. I am however limiting the places he (just a side note I don't actually know the gender of the commentor I am only assume it is male)can post his speech... Is that not my right?

Let me first say that the only reson I didn't post his comment was that I felt that nothing further was added to the debate. He claimed to have studied the teachings of Jesus for 'years'. He raised the issue of freedom of speech. But with freedom comes responsibility. Because I have the freedom to do something does that mean I should? For many years I travelled with a public speaking team and one part of the message we delivered dealt with freedom. To start the topic we would try toi get our audience to imagine a bird because a bird has a freedom that we don't ... they can fly. Sure we have planes but a bird can fly where it wants when it wants (and for free.) That is amazing freedom. Now imagine a bird one day decides that since it has the Freedom of Flight it can fly where it wants when it wants so it decides to fly through an office window one problem glass is hard the bird will have a very sore face! Yes birds are free to fly where ever within certain limitations. Freedom is only true freedom when there are self imposed limits.

Back to the cartoons:
- Islam does encourage suicide bombers
- Paradise is said to have virgins waiting for martyrs of a Jihad
- Muslims are blowing themselves up and being praised

- Jesus does not preform oral sex on pigs!

Since then I have received another comment from him:
"thank you so much for moderating my last comment away.. it only reinforces my opinion that if "christians" don't like your point of view, they can just ignore it! don't worry, i'm sure that you will not allow this comment to be posted either. so thank you, once again, for showing me why i'm just SO pleased that i'm not a "christian" like you"
I also am glad that you are not a "Christian" like me I still have a long way to go before I am 'like Christ'.
But yes Christians tend to have a very strong desire to accept only a few view points actually only one ...Jesus'. Why? maybe because Jesus Himself said "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through Me." It is not my opinion that matters but His.

If I was to stand up and say homosexuality is a sin what am I called? a homophobe.
If I was to stand up and say abortion is a sin what am I called? intolerant of womens rights
If I was to stand up and say Christ is the only way to God What am I called? intolerant of other religions

Before I go on can I just apologize first for the individuals who are extremists on these issues (those who hold signs like "God hates fags" and those who kill abortionists) they do represent Christ and I truly apologize for their actions and ask forgiveness from any who have been personally hurt by their actions.

Christians aren't only ignored in the public arena they are belittled and mocked openly how is this tolerant and respecting freedom of speech?
By definition a homophobe would be someone who is afraid of homosexuals. I am not afraid. Do I disagree with their actions? Yes. Homosexuality is a sin just like murder and lying. Homosexuals are in need of a savior just as I am in need of a savior. Jesus was an atonement for all sin. Mine may not be as obvious but it is just as offensive to God.

Politically I lean towards the right My assuption is that this commentor leans toward the left. I have observed over the years that any debate from the left about these controversial issues becomes a name calling session ... intolerant, racist, homophobe.

Tolerance is being able to say I don't agree with you by I still accept you as a person NOT I will accept your posistion as true.

Friday, April 14, 2006


So I just finished my first week working at CTS.
It has been a good first week actually the first couple of days were slow. The first day was spent in the studio watching the various productions and the second was spent in the control rooms with the director. Wednesday is when things got interesting I spent the day with Shannon in the VTR room. He is very good at teaching and then letting me do it so by the end of the day I was solo on VTR. Which is basically playing video and recording shows.
Yesterday I spent the day in Master Control pretty much watching the broadcast to ensure that it goes out alright. Also digitizing promos and shows. lots of watching and waiting.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Yesterday I had my last official class in college.

Classes resumed for us on Tuesday and it was decided that since all assignments had already been given to us that we start placement as scheduled. So I will be starting my placement at CTS on April 10. This will be a great opportunity; they are letting me get involved with a lot of productions.

And to start off placement I will be attending Downpour.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Can someone explain this to me?

Two cartoons.

One causes hardly a ripple in any news outlet.

One causes mass demonstrations around the world. Embassies are burned; a nation warns its citizens about travelling abroad out of fear for their safety; a university professor is threatened and forced to remove the cartoon from his door; the cartoonist has a death sentence over his head.

And yet both depict the central figure of two seperate faiths.

Two of the worlds largest faiths.

One is depicted in a homosexual act with an animal. And the other is depicted asking his followers to stop bombing others.

I feel like I'm in "The Twilight Zone".

Can someone explain this to me?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Who do they think they are?

So after a week off I enter my first day of "Waiting For The Strike to End". College teachers have taken upon themselves to wreck havoc among students across Ontario by going on strike. I have only three weeks of classes to complete until I was supposed to go on placement now I must wait for these classes to resume. Why? What is this all about?
The teachers are saying it is about quality of education. They say they are being overworked and education is suffering because of this!
I look at my teachers schedules for the week and see a maximum of 27 hrs in the classroom. This is overworked! Oh right they need prep time yes I can see the need for prep time when there are big lectures, but this is college approximately 70% of the courses are not acedemic but pratical. No big lectures there.
In fact one of my teachers has only two assignments to grade each week one from each class she teaches. How is this effecting her ability to teach?
The colleges have put forward an offer of 12.6% over four years that would move the new maximum salary to $94,277. Now lets do some math $94,277(salary per year) divide by 30(weeks in a shool year) divide by 30(hours worked per week) equals $104/hr.
If only I could suffer these hardships and extraneous workloads.
Enough about the teachers how is this effecting the students?
I was supposed to go on placement as of April 3rd this won't happen. I have spoken to the production manager at my placement and they are accomodating this change ;however, they are starting to close down production gradually for the summer so the longer the strike the fewer productions I will be able to work on and therefore the less effective my placement will be. I'm lucky enough to live in the same city as my college but many of my classmates had leases that ended at the end of March where are they going to live? Is the college (or the union) going to pay for the extra month rent?
Who do they think they are? The union says they are doing all this for the sake of education. I'm sorry but education only happens when teachers are in the classrooms.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post Production Time

So that video that I've been working on has finally entered the editing stage. Actually we passed all the tapes over to the editor last week. And what a week it has been First of all the editor lost the tapes last Thursday and we were a little stressed about that luckily he did find them about 5 hours later. And then the computer kept dying on him and 8 hours was lost to reboot time so when we had to show a rough cut to our teacher he was expectedly very unhappy about the product. He graciously gave us an extension to complete the rough cut and together the editor and I spent many hours working on the project and got it to a much better place our teacher was pleased with the result. We know have until the last week of March to have the finished video sent to our client.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy B-Day 'Little' Sister

My little sister turns 26 today here she is doing a classic modelling pose at Christmas.

My other sister has a more thoughtful memoir of our sister.

Happy Birthday Jessi

A Director's Life

So I'm directing a video for the college student service's (special needs, athletics, financial aid) and found out today that our audio has been messed up BIG time on the first interview we did last Thursday. That was the start of a very stressful shoot today at the school. Our dolly is not smooth either this is creating some quick changes in shot ideas.
After all this we did have some good shots today. It went a little slower than anticipated today but my producer is not stressed we should still come in under budget. (Producers love to hear that) next day of shooting is on Thursday.