Monday, March 13, 2006

Who do they think they are?

So after a week off I enter my first day of "Waiting For The Strike to End". College teachers have taken upon themselves to wreck havoc among students across Ontario by going on strike. I have only three weeks of classes to complete until I was supposed to go on placement now I must wait for these classes to resume. Why? What is this all about?
The teachers are saying it is about quality of education. They say they are being overworked and education is suffering because of this!
I look at my teachers schedules for the week and see a maximum of 27 hrs in the classroom. This is overworked! Oh right they need prep time yes I can see the need for prep time when there are big lectures, but this is college approximately 70% of the courses are not acedemic but pratical. No big lectures there.
In fact one of my teachers has only two assignments to grade each week one from each class she teaches. How is this effecting her ability to teach?
The colleges have put forward an offer of 12.6% over four years that would move the new maximum salary to $94,277. Now lets do some math $94,277(salary per year) divide by 30(weeks in a shool year) divide by 30(hours worked per week) equals $104/hr.
If only I could suffer these hardships and extraneous workloads.
Enough about the teachers how is this effecting the students?
I was supposed to go on placement as of April 3rd this won't happen. I have spoken to the production manager at my placement and they are accomodating this change ;however, they are starting to close down production gradually for the summer so the longer the strike the fewer productions I will be able to work on and therefore the less effective my placement will be. I'm lucky enough to live in the same city as my college but many of my classmates had leases that ended at the end of March where are they going to live? Is the college (or the union) going to pay for the extra month rent?
Who do they think they are? The union says they are doing all this for the sake of education. I'm sorry but education only happens when teachers are in the classrooms.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Jessi said...

wow...something else that we agree on, jake! i think elementary school teachers deserve $94,000 a million times more than any college professor and they aren't even close to that wage!! their arguments are petty and money hungry and it's sad that they are getting away with jeopardizing PAYING students' education!!
good post!

At 12:21 AM, Blogger Hilsy said...

yes yes and yes!!! excellent post Jake!! you tell 'em brotha' :)
i am starting into the second week and although i am procrastinating slightly with my work, its hard to get motivated when i am self-teaching my self...i should be getting paid for it! arg!
you should write to some of the 'higher-ups' on both sides!!
love ya!


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